Kruz garwasiuk



GlobalFMX's featured rider, Kruz Garwasiuk, is making history. 

Yes! That's right.

Come join us as Canada's youngest and first ever 2nd generation freestyle motocross rider, Kruz Garwasiuk, can be seen flying off of the full size custom ramps just like our senior riders. 

his story.

Kruz's love for dirtbikes started as soon as he was born. At the young age of 2 years old, Kruz started riding his first motorcycle. Now at the age of 9, he has had the privilege of being mentored by not only his father, professional FMX athlete Kris Garwasiuk, but also by GlobalFMX's two time Canadian Champion and World Record holder, Jeff Fehr, along with our other pro athletes such as, former pro racer turned professional freestyle motocrosser, Jordan Gledhill.

Kruz's familiarity on a bike shows through as he is an accomplished motocross racer, taking home 5 different Canadian chapmionship titles in the 2022 season.

His role.

After years of performing all over the world, the one question we get asked most frequently is... "how did you get started in a sport like this?"  Instead of telling you, we are able to show you as Kruz demonstrates proper technique, safety gear and the mindset it takes to progress sucessfully in this sport. It is an honour to be able to tour with this passionate young man and watch him excel at such a rapid rate.

Kruz links the gap between athletes and spectators, creating a family-friendly dynamic and atmosphere.

His passions.

Moto is by far a huge part of Kruz's life, but like anyone, he has other passions he actively pursues; playing drums, golfing, bmx and backcountry snowmobiling. 

If you ever have a chance to see him on his snomobile, he is just as talented and spectacular on it, as he is on his dirtbike!